When organizing your wedding you want to have fun at the same time and enjoy this wonderfull time in your life. Murasie has a growing list of activities that will leave you and your guests wanting to come back for another stay! There are also lots of farm animals that can provide interesting entertainment.

Activities at Murasie include:

A 4x4 Route
This route offers the driver the ideal level of challenge, while the ruite extends from the rural area of Murasie to the coastline near Pearly beach where you can enjoy a lovely day at the seaside. The route is enveloped by the fantastic fynbos thickets of the Strandveld and is a activity for both adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.

Fun at the dam
The dam at Murasie is a few meters from all the main areas. Apart from its fascinating bird life, guests can enjoy a romantic getaway with the dinghies on the pond, swim, enjoy some clay-stick games or just take a stroll along the water edge. While the middle of the pond is deep enough for adults to splash around, at the sides the water level is shallow enough for small children to play safely. This is a working dairy farm and the water is also used for irrigation, so the water level varies during the year.

Nature Tours (fynbos)
Murasie is fully topped with nature, and fynbos is the main actor in this story. There are several pathways for the experienced hiker, and for those who only want to take a stroll in the forest. Although the farm showcases the untouched beauty of nature, the paths are safe enough to enjoy the view and the fynbos!

Shark and whale viewing tours
Gansbaai is not known as The Big 2 Town for nothing. Only 20 minutes from Murasie there are several ports that offer sightseeing tours to go see these magical creatures. There are even Shark cage-diving services available to the more adventurous guests.

Wine tours
Murasie is situated in the middle of the L'Augalas wine district, just 30 minutes drive past Elim. Although this is one of South Africa's newer wine areas, this southernmost vineyards boasts with much of South Africa’s fantastic wines that clearly benefit from the cool sea breeze from the south.

The famous village Baardskeerdersbos, which offers a wealth of art and authentic bars is on the threshold of Murasie. Apart from sightseeing, you will struggle to find more hospitable and sociable people than this town's inhabitants.

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